Write an essay on child labor a social evil

Sometimes their real parents became their enemies because they force their children for labour work either due to selfishness or fulfil their basic needs for survival in the world. The future welfare of society is closely related to the welfare of the child.

They are flowers of our national garden. Coffee, Cocoa and Cotton as the Origins of Child. Moral and ethical concerns of the society weigh a great deal with those in public life as their behaviour is keenly watched by the people.

Areas where Child Labour Exists There is a very huge working area in our country where child labour is thriving like domestic services, agriculture, hotel and restaurants, entertainment industry, coal mines, matchbox or firebox manufacturers, etc.

Child Labor may affect international or cross border trade if human rights are violated and children are involved manufacturing, or ancillary activities such as packaging and transportation. Government should ensure that every child gets the opportunity to go to school.

Not only food stuffs, but medicines, toilet goods and their articles also are mixed with inferior and cheaper substances. A huge number of poor parents are still not aware of the disadvantages of child labour that affects their children in terms of their education, heath, physical, mental and social growth.

To eradicate this social evil was laws were made and a national body was set up against child exploitation. The child labour deprives their childhood.

Child labour involves making a child who is below the age of 18 years work and this work either harms the child or prevents the child from attending school.

The carpet belt of India employ about 1. Hubpages child labour in pdf.

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The criminalisation of politics is a reflection of, and a factor that aggravates the crisis of the political system. Child labour, by and large, is a problem of poor and destitute families, where parents cannot afford education of their children.

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Although not immediately apparent, a simple ban on child labor does not prove effective in ridding of it. Illiteracy and ignorance of parents is also an important factor.

Pakistan Issues Social Evils in Pakistan Essay Types and Causes Social Evils in Pakistan Essay Types and Causes By - Oct 1, The social evils are one of the most brutal and biggest curses to any nation which plays the vital role in the destruction of the society in any state or country.

A general in elasticity of occupational structure prevents any large movement away from these in periods of slack demand. We treat a large section of our people, as if they were animals. Pakistan is being ranked as one of those countries which have the highest ratio of Child Labor, which is another very heart breaking social evil in which the innocence of the children are being exploited.

Food prices have been raising for sometime past, one of the main causes of this is the hoarding of food grains. Essay on child labour a social evil hospital st.

It has got its own customs and traditions. Although the government NGOs and other organizations are busy in solving the problem of child labour yet nothing seems to have come out of.

In the current world, more than million children work, most of them in full-time basis. Public opinion will be created in support of these reforms.

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Generally, this crime is done by those greedy industrialists who want their work to be done with less or without cost. I will introduce legislation to check hoarding with the greatest zeal and effort.

An increase in employment opportunity, both skilled and unskilled, for adults would help in overcoming the problem of poverty and child labor. The prevalence of child labour is a blot on society. Is it a Necessary Evil? In the rural areas, increasing population implies an increasing pressure on land.

The condition of the untouchables shall be improved. These measures should be started immediately and children working in hazardous condition should be given priority.

Use our Essay Rewriter to automatically rewrite any essay and remove plagiarism. However, extreme poverty is the main cause of child labour. In its 36 page judgment the court clearly started that an adult from the family of every child-laborer will be given a job so that parents will not be compelled to send their child to work.

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Even debate an early age, the sole official social evil other essay-writing resources. Child labour, by and large, is a problem of poor and destitute families, where parents cannot afford education of their children.

Social Evils in Pakistan Essay Types and Causes

They have to depend on the earning of their children. The prevalence of child labour is a blot on society. Child Labor: A Horrendous Social Evil – Essay Article shared by Child labor is a serious blot on our efforts to project India as a dynamic country on the move. May 19,  · Check out our top Free Essays on Child Labour A Social Evil to help you write your own Essay ultimedescente.com Join Now!

Saved Papers ; Free Essays on Child Labour A Social Evil. Search. Pervasive Problem on Child Labor. Child labor is a pervasive problem throughout the global “Child labour is evil,” says Aimé. Child Labour. Critical essay The role of government in child labour Child labor is not an easy issue to resolve, it is globally.

Children trading something on the streets, separated from families, kept out of schools, suffering from injuries, even dying because of. Social Evils in Pakistan Essay Types and Causes One of the most critical social evil in Pakistan is corruption as unfortunately Pakistan is in the list of the top countries having mighty huge corruption in the system and the establishment.

Write an essay on child labor a social evil
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