Winpic800 error writing address

Also, it might help if you post it with the chip in. Unlike a hexadecimal error code, this error code is used to identify the cause of the problem and the fix for the problem. I would try connecting it directly to the serial port. You should uninstall it from your system and re-download the application file from the Microsoft website.

Do you have another pic to try? If your drivers are not the latest Windows Hardware Quality Labs certified drivers, you will need to download the appropriate soundcard for your system. When downloading them, you need to get them from the official site of the soundcard manufacturer.

I just want to weed out the possibility that the pic is the issue.

If you have DirectX on your computer, the problem may be because it was not properly installed. You are not trying to program the pic with the same firmware that is already on it are you?

The access violation at address error will be followed by a series of letters and numbers. Maybe you need to restart the program after you delete the data on the pic?

The white dot is pin 1.

A trouble with JDM programmer and WipPic800

Also, I have had success using picpgm. Install the program with a fresh start and see if it has helped. I would also reboot the computer with the programmer plugged in. The memory address which is protected should not be accessed by the program you are trying to run, except for the program that is currently using it.

Attached is a picture excuse my art skills on how the chip should go in just in case. You may also have an issue with the branding of the memory drives, as they are not compatible.

I am also contacting mcumall the company i bought it from and they say that they think the chip is not being recoignized. If you have this error loaded up when you restart your computer, you should try running dxdiag on the Run prompt from the Start menu.

One last thing to try. You could also try changing the settings for DirectX by switching between output and input.May 20,  · As per the link i posted above, you can see your code means 5 / 21 / 02 INVALID ADDRESS FOR WRITE" Searching the WWW for this shows it can be bad media.

You have tried some different brands, though an old / dieing burner can show these signs as well.

Help on programming bootloader to PIC18f452 with Willem PCB0

Feb 04,  · EE World Online | A network of resources for engineers Electronics Engineering Resources, Articles, Forums, Tear Down. Oct 12,  · Help on programming bootloader to PIC18f with Willem PCB Sign in to follow this. Followers WinPic says: ERROR-> Writing address 0x Written: 0xEF06 Read: 0x Willem Eprom PCB Ver.

D8 says: ERROR Program memory at 0x Below you can read the WinPic log. If you have been getting the access violation at address error, it means that the software on your system tried to access a protected memory address.

The memory address which is protected should not be accessed by the program you are trying to run, except for the program that is currently using it.

The first thing to check is the permissions you have to access /dev/i2c ls -l /dev/i2c Typically access is allowed to the root and i2c group.

Jul 29,  · If you are not having the specific 'verification failure at address 0x' problem, if would be very helpful if you could please start a brand new forum post instead of posting in this thread.

This thread is getting very confusing for the people trying to help out since several people are posting errors different than from the scope of the original .

Winpic800 error writing address
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