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This catchy and easy-to-remember phrase sounds like a universal law and thus inspires the readers to participate actively in their own lives and do not The alchemist words of wisdom essay afraid of changes. Though the plot of the book can hardly be described as realistic, Coelho managed to demonstrate the word both cruel and beautiful which resembles the modern one.

The lessons from the Coelho book are clear: The second lesson Paulo Coelho teaches his readers is as easy as the first one: It is also often pronounced or thought by the characters themselves.

As Santiago makes his way to his Personal Legend, words of wisdom inspires him to follow his dreams, listen to his heart and take notice of all the little things in life to maintain balance in all that he does.

Santiago finds the courage to follow all the rules and demonstrates how valuable are the lessons in his own life suggesting that the real happiness and satisfaction of life can be be found only after learning this hard, dangerous but extremely important lessons.

As Santiago embarks on his journey, he came upon an abrupt encounter with a mysterious man that called himself the King of Salem. It is a simple phrase that allows Santiago to understand that everyone is created by the same hand and that there is a universal language that could be understood without the need for words.

Though it appeared to be crooked and hard, he walked it till then end and finally achieved the goal he was made for. For example, when Santiago walks in the desert near his stop at Al-Fayoum, he foresees the danger that awaits the tribe which is living next to the oasis.

However, Alchemist takes a special place in their minds because of the power, faith and hope included in every single word of the story. Millions of people found their inspiration in the Alchemist.

Secondly, whatever the person does it leads to the return to the sources. Firstly, Coelho emphasizes that there is no place like home as the place where one was born provides him or her with inspiration and abilities to continue the fight with the difficulties of life.

The Alchemist

For the character it is a way to success. Despite Santiago had a lot of troubles because of his dream he never stopped wishing and struggling for his desire.

In the end of the fable the main character surprisingly discovers that the treasures he was looking for the whole book can be found under the tree he saw his dreams in Spain. Santiago fails to realize that the first glimpse of what he desires is usually the right one, and that the later ones are usually polluted with reason.

What is more, with the help of the fable Coelho teaches his fans three important and universal lessons which should never be forgotten.

This means that despite the fairy tale characters and magic episodes the story depicts real people with their desires and fears. Every finish is a fresh start, and the life of an individual is developed in a circles where home is the center of it.

Words of Wisdom

Most of the readers become fans of the author and discover other works by the Brazilian writer. If you pay attention to the present, you can improve on it. Work Cited Coelho, Paulo. This lesson is clearly illustrated in the plot. A Fable about following Your Dream. A prominent example was when Santiago fell in love with Fatima, the woman of the desert.

He informs people about this issue and this saves a lot of lives.Essay on Overview of The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. also will be your heart”(). This is what the alchemist said to the main character. The Alchemist, by Paulo Coelho, tells a story of a boy named Santiago, who goes on a long journey to discover his personal legend.

Free Essays words ( pages) The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho Essay - When analyzing the importance of the structure and substance of a work of literature, people often times make the blunder of only putting emphasis on the substance.

The Stranger and the Alchemist Essay. THE STRANGER and THE ALCHEMIST Belief and Response Essay As one would make it through The Alchemist or The Stranger they would start to notice a clear separation of what each of these books portray.

On one side you have The Alchemist which represents more of a positive outlook on life and following your dreams. Words of Wisdom The Alchemist Words of Wisdom Words can have a significant impact in one’s life; it can serve as the greatest happiness or one’s greatest burden.

In the novel The Alchemist, by Paulo Coelho, words of wisdom act as a comforting force that gives admonition to those in need of it.

The Alchemist Essay

In The Alchemist, books and schools are superfluous; everything that a person needs to know is available in the natural world. The Alchemist shows that wisdom has nothing to do with age: even a young person can be wise, and an old person can definitely be foolish.

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The alchemist words of wisdom essay
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