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Sometimes the rash would never heal completely and cause an acne type look on the persons body. The infectious cycle usually consists of two stages. This threat has made the United States of America to restart smallpox vaccination in military personnel and others working in sensitive areas.

Virus reproduction begins when the virion comes into contact with a suitable host cell.

Jenner later promoted the smallpox vaccination and ultimately wiped the virus clear out. In three or four days later a rash erupts and the fever and discomfort may subside.

Some of the patients were also left blinded. Within fifty years of the discovery, most European countries had initiated compulsory vaccination, without knowing that they were dealing with a virus!

In some cases if sever enough the patient would lose the battle with smallpox and die. On 1st JulyJenner inoculated the same boy Smallpox around the world essay matter from a smallpox patient. The concept that diseases are caused by infectious organisms was developed over many centuries before it was firmly established.

There is no medication to clear up the acne it is permanent, sometimes worse than others.

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Skin incisions were made in three male and three female convicts and pus from the smallpox lesions of a sick individual was inserted.

Then one woman was sent to a smallpox epidemic area and was ordered to lie every night in the same bed with a smallpox patient and she was also ordered to attend him. In this manner, Jenner initiated the science of immunology.

The boy did not develop smallpox except for a small sore at the site of inoculation. Small pox started out in Hispaniola and because of no cure, it traveled to the island of Puerto Rico, and then Cuba. How to Handle Stress Due to the disease being so contagious, patients need to be isolated until they are completely recovered.

Later five orphans who had not yet had smallpox were inoculated and they all recovered. Due to the dedication of Edward Jenner and his discovery of the cowpox vaccine, many people were saved from the pains and suffering of the ugliest disease of the middle ages.

There is no specific treatment for small pox. In this term paper you will read and learn about the causes, symptoms and treatments of this horrible disease.

Finally, in the World Health Assembly declared that smallpox has been eradicated throughout the world. Small pox which was often refereed to as a life threatening disease, is caused by a virus, which was not discovered until the nineteenth century.

The fevers may reach up to degrees farenht.

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In most of the cases, symptoms in a new victim will occur ten to twelve days later. Most of the victims whom acquired small pox, was a result of face to face contact.

Lady Mary Worley Montague, the wife of the British Ambassador in Constantinople got her son inoculated with smallpox by the surgeon of the Embassy and she tried to popularize smallpox inoculation in England. It consists of hard red lumps which become pimple like, swelling and containing puss.

The number of small pox infected countries gradually decreased. An useful essay on smallpox!Essay on The World Health Organization's Dealing With Smallpox; Essay on The World Health Organization's Dealing With Smallpox. Words 6 Pages. with the innovation of technological, economic and political forces reverberating around the world everyday.

In the 21st century, management is becoming one of the leading key words on most of. ADVERTISEMENTS: Around A.D., the ancient Chinese practiced a form of immunization by inhaling the dried powders obtained from the crusts of smallpox lesions.

Around the 15th century, a practice of applying powdered smallpox “crusts” and inserting. Inthe World Health Organization declared smallpox completely eradicated, but samples of the virus remain in two laboratories in the United States and Russia, prompting fears of biological warfare should the virus land in the wrong hands.

Essay on The World Health Organization's Dealing With Smallpox. Smallpox is an infectious disease caused by the variola virus. Variola major and variola minor are the two clinical types of smallpox.

Variola major is the most widespread and severe of the two. Smallpox is unique to human beings, and can be found worldwide. AprilWHO (world health organization) officials announced the world's last known case of naturally occurring small pox had been found in Somalia in October " (Fetzer ).

When small pox it the world it came down like a ton of bricks. So many people lost their lives to this horrifying disease. Northeastern Africa around 10, BC • Smallpox diagnosed years later • Skin lesions on Egyptian mummies •Sir Jeffrey Smallpox Disease Essay Essay about Smallpox: Smallpox and World Health Organization.

Vaccination for Smallpox be Available? | | Abstract The purpose of this paper is to discuss a definition of disease.

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