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The many, many street dogs on Isla spend their days looking for food and avoiding the many taxis that will Pet project rescue hesitate to hit any dog in their way.

And this is where the story of starting Pet Project Rescue begins We also strive to make sure that each adoption is a forever home for our animals. Many of these dogs live in desperate conditions, where they have to fight to stay alive each day on the street. These animals know the hard life, and they know the good life We also require an application and home visit prior to adoption.

It is a heart-wrenching site for any animal lover, and once you have seen one of these adorable dogs it is impossible not to want to do something to help them.

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We strongly support the animals in our local area as well, and because of this all our cats are rescued from local high kill shelters.

Some of the dogs on the island are feral and would not do well in foster-care, but many other street dogs want nothing more than a person to cuddle up with on the couch.

Luckily, these dogs also have a number of wonderful people looking out for them. Pet Project Rescue has been a registered c 3 non-profit since Once the dogs are ready for adoption they are flown to us in MN, and are placed in foster homes until they are adopted. PPR believes that all animals deserve a loving and healthy life.

Like Alison, we instantly fell in love with all the wonderful street animals on the island. As of April PPR also began working with our local animal control to rescue local cats and dogs.

In order to fully provide for animals in need, PPR is run almost entirely by volunteers who dedicate time and energy to help animals in our community and beyond.

Alison could easily be called the guardian angel of Isla dogs. To assure this we are here to support our adoptive homes with questions and concerns about their new family member if they arise. Minneapolis, MN Our Mission Pet Project Rescue PPR is a local, for purpose organization that rescues homeless or abandoned dogs and cats and places them in volunteer foster homes until the animal is adopted by a forever family.

Because these animals share our homes with us we are able to really get to know their personalities, and are then able to let you know which dog or cat would be the best fit for your lifestyle. We often say that these dogs know they have finally found the good life and will show you every day how happy they are to be with you!

The dogs are given the vet care that they require, and the love and affection that they have been needing for a long time. It never ceases to amaze us how trusting and sweet these dogs are after all the terrible things that people have done to them.

We continue to provide vet care and training for the dogs while they are in Pet Project Rescue foster homes. Isla Animals volunteers work to find street dogs that need to be spayed, neutered, or given other medical care, and when possible taken into foster-care.Adopt a dog or cat from the Kansas City Pet Project, the city shelter for Kansas City, Missouri.

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Dogs, cats, puppies, kittens available for adoption in KCMO. No-Kill Animal Shelter in Marseilles, IL. Pet Project Rescue - Minneapolis, MN, Minneapolis, MN. 7, likes ยท talking about this. Pet Project Rescue (PPR) is a MN based (c)(3) non-profit /5(12). Learn more about Pet Project Rescue in Minneapolis, MN, and search the available pets they have up for adoption on Petfinder.

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Pet Project Rescue @PPR_Mpls Pet Project Rescue (PPR) is a non-profit org that provides rescue, hospice care, and spay/neuter services for animals in need.

Pet project rescue
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