Misuse of energy

Enormous tidal waves swept over the lands and swallowed everything in its way. ENLIL, however, thought EA was wrong and started plotting against humanity, letting his own plans take shape in his head, plans which would eventually lead Misuse of energy the demise of mankind. Experiment Contaminated So far, so good.

Here he makes the connection between Atlantis and Orion: Would you like to merge this question into it?

They define renewable energy as being derived from naturalprocesses that are replenished constantly. Shamanism quite soon also turned into worship rather than just religious practice and rituals, based upon a connection with the Goddess Universe.

Abuse of Power: How Manipulative Trading Undermined Energy Deregulation

They worked with Mother Gaia Earth herself in an effort to keep things in balance. The Sirians are allegedly involved in this supposed event, which is said to be just around the corner. However, none of these names is correct, but still represent the same groups of ascended masters.

Why is energy such an important resource? Misuses would I think mean nuclear weapons. Non renewable energy takes a long time, ususally millions of years, to become usuable again I. However, the nuclear fuel rods can bereprocessed into new fuel rods. So some Kings started kidnapping Women of Fire to find out from where they got all these mysterious abilities.

Big parts of the world would be flooded, and everybody had to evacuate soon. Some say it was the Sirians; the Pleiadians say the karma they are working on when being in touch with us humans in present time originates from Atlantis, and others say Orion ruled in Atlantis.

The Priesthood became more powerful, and this power in its turn was used by the Sirians, who stole it from the Priesthood by feeding off the vibrations of fear amongst the general people, and by sucking energy from the Priesthood, only to let them keep enough to feel they were for more than the people.

It is however a long term non-polluting source. Geothermal energy, where we use the heat from deep under the earth to generate electricity, is renewable, that is, there is so much of it that we can keep using it practically forever. Not only one or two of them, but sometimes whole graveyards, like in Peru.

It seems like EA and NIN were greatly inspired to experiment after the Pleiadians came, and humans were crossed with animals again, but this time in even more sophisticated ways. We have already mentioned the computers, but they also had space technology, of course, and a wealth of knowledge about the stars and the Universe in general, and they flew to the Moon and to Mars, and probably other planets within the solar system as well.

However, Lord EA and his team experimented extensively with genetics during the Atlantean area, and all these different skulls could actually be remnants of different projects he had going at the same time; some of them which he rather quickly abandoned.

The Experiment had to come to an end and be restarted all over again; this time under his authority! Already existing cities or kingdoms were either totally destroyed and everyone was killed or driven off, or they surrendered and became part of Atlantis, many of the conquered people becoming slaves under the Atlantean Kings.

Then, when this basic structure was in place, the rest was easy. This time, humans would be less intelligent and more obedient, i. There were those who formed resistant groups, training themselves to overthrow some of the Atlantean Kings.

Today we hear quite a lot about UFOs being seen ascending from water; either big lakes or from the ocean.

It was in Atlantis things started going extremely wrong with the Sirian Experiment. This is the common way for most star races to travel long distance.

And of course, wars broke out, and conflicts were created. Is nuclear energy renewable or non-renewable? What are the concerns of using renewable energy? Millions of people and animals died, not understanding what was going on. After a while, the Pleiadians genetically engineered their own 3D bodies, with or without wings, but more commonly, their souls hovered over human females, whom they knew would carry good looking male offspring, and made sure their soul inhabited the chosen fetus.

These are all important questions which we shall discuss over the duration of these remaining papers of the Second Level of Learning. It is clear that Poseidon wanted a patriarchal regime, but to let the females do their own thing to develop what they all needed for future purposes.

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In many ways, the Atlantean technology superseded the technology we have today, but we are not too far behind. Saving on health and its costs The main advantage is the fact that these sources of energyare renewable.

Was this how they approximately looked like with flesh on? Atlantean King being entertained by his harem of Women of Fire. Thus, Poseidon, in contrast to his Aryan heritage, had now created Elitism amongst humans in standard Sirian style.Misuse of Energy What do we mean, exactly, when we talk about misuse of energy?

Well, in Atlantis, just like today, it's done in many different ways, but mostly through advanced technology and misuse of. Misuse of electricity is: 1> When You needlessly keep ON any appliances whose job is done, generally negligence is the culprit.

2> When Big Halls with High Power Lights are kept ON at night when even with the Main Entrance closed and a guard be. Wasting electricity and water is a misuse of energy. Usingresources wisely and conserving is an example of smart usage.

Use and misuse of renewable and non-renewable energy? Wasting electricity and water is a misuse of energy. Usingresources wisely and conserving is an example of smart usage.

At its height, Enron dominated – and arguably even helped create – the energy trading industry. Its lobbying helped push states from New Hampshire to California to eliminate utilities. Feb 13,  · misuse and wastage of non renewable energy How is energy being misused?

misuse and wastage of non renewable energy. Follow. Weapons of mass destruction? Depends on your views. 2. Government's neglect to actively pursue renewable sources of energy, such as solar radiation or ethanol. 3. Leaving lights on.

This is especially Status: Resolved.

Misuse of energy
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