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Harding are increasingly seeing a breezy form of Internet English jump from e-mail into schoolwork. Kids that write papers sometimes write in text language which therefore makes their papers poor.

Some teachers have taken a liking to the language and allow the students to use it in their first drafts of their writing and others do not Lee Others take it more lightly, saying that it is just part of the larger arc of language evolution. Students are sometimes unrepentant. Karres, an assistant professor at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill who trains student teachers.

Bova says does bring up a good point. With the help of students, she does not even need the cheat sheet to read the shorthand anymore. Sometimes this method pays off because you might find some key ideas that you can use later on. As more and more teenagers socialize online, middle school and high school teachers like Ms.

English adapted for the spitfire conversational style of Internet instant messaging. The abbreviations are a natural outgrowth of this rapid-fire style of communication.

Sometimes this method is good, but i believe mostly it is bad because their writing language is poor.

The decisions are made by the language and the people who use the language. Teachers come up with their own way of addressing the issue to their students.

Weaver, who teaches at Alvernia College in Reading, Pa.

While some teachers find this new style of writing very rude and careless, Erika Varres, a professor at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, tries to turn it into a positive teaching moment. Just like a first draft, writers write about their feelings and they do not care about the grammar.

She said her ability to separate formal and informal English declined the more she used instant messages. The teachers that Lee interviewed on this subject have all expressed their opinion and ways they have dealt with the issue.

I think this is only going to get worse because the teenage world will never stop texting and it will be instilled in their minds to write like they text. Her excuse was that she had an hour to write an essay, and she just wanted to finish before time was up.

She posted a copy on the bulletin board by her desk and took another one home to use while grading. Harding, who has seen such shortcuts creep into student papers over the last two years, said she gave her students a warning: They need to focus on writing papers with the proper grammar instead of going towards the present day language.

She writes about the teacher, Jacqueline Harding; an eighth-grade teacher, who always shows her new students each year what different common mistakes are that are made.

Often times when a paper is written by a student who uses instant messaging or text messaging to communicate with others, they do not think before they write. Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues.

She interviewed various educators from different schools around the country, though their view points were different from one another, they all made a point that this language was beginning to take over in all aspects of their students writing.

It is easier but it is also more work when you constantly have to watch if you are using the language in an academic paper. Moran, who has lectured her eighth-grade class on such mistakes. This article by Lee talks about how teenagers are now abbreviating things in their papers and schoolwork inside the classroom.

When she asked her students how many of them used shortcuts like these in their writing, Ms. Students use instant messaging so much that they do not realize what they are writing in their schoolwork, and it is becoming a larger problem for educators today now that technology is advancing Lee Kids love to text and usually their text language makes its way to the paper.

In addition to cellphone text messaging, Weblogs and e-mail, it has become a popular means of flirting, setting up dates, asking for help with homework and keeping in contact with distant friends. The instant-messaging language is similar because writers express their feelings in their own method of language, but of course they have to edit their work or it will be poorly written.

This short story is a very interesting, and comical topic. She proofread a paper last year only to get it returned with the messaging abbreviations circled in red.

I Think, Therefore Im Summary Essay Sample

One side of the argument deals with improper grammar because of the type of language used by texting Lee Harding, who decided to address this issue head-on this year.Jennifer Lee, the author of the article "I Think, Therefore IM, was born in New York City in and later graduated from Harvard University in (Lee ).

Lee began writing for the New York Times as a summer intern in and published her first book in (Lee ). Sep 19,  · I Think, Therefore IM By JENNIFER 8.

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LEE: EACH September Jacqueline Harding prepares a classroom presentation on the common writing mistakes she sees in her students' work. Ms. Harding, an eighth-grade English teacher at Viking Middle School in Guernee, Ill., scribbles the words that have plagued generations of schoolchildren across.

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Miles Jennifer Lee writes about the use of different spelling and writing mistakes that were a new phenomenon in I Think, Therefore Im Summary Essay Sample.

Jennifer Lee writes about the use of different spelling and writing mistakes that were a new phenomenon in

Jennifer lee i think therefore im
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