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In the storage room I found a nice piece of equipment to measure the temperature of eggs. Thesis subject MSc thesis subject: This was the theoretical basis that induced a huge change in the hatchery world.

The case study will be focussed on an existing marteloscope in Oostereng near Wageningen.

Geo-information Science and Remote Sensing (GRS)

These showed huge variations between eggs at different positions, and hatchability was poor at the places where eggs were overheated. In the broiler farm we also used different temperature profiles to show the importance of good brooding temperatures as well. The first measurements of eggshell temperatures in practise were done in the Van Erp Hatchery broilers in St.

Other test stands can be used for validation. Especially the paper he published with Gerard van Beek in was Grs thesis wur importance for all further research about embryo temperature. A nice integrated approach so to say!

Likely more will follow, the variations on this theme are endless. Perfect conditions for research purposes! I started working at "Het Spelderholt" in when Ron left to join Hubbard.

The first scientific paper Lourens et al. In that same year we performed an experiment at "Het Spelderholt" to control eggshell temperature during incubation to mimic conditions in single stage and multi stage incubators.

This type of study could have different foci considering the geodata cycle. The step from theory to practise still had to be made. Well, with some flexibility and loaded with good ideas this brought some nice opportunities! This was where Henry van den Brand came in the picture who from then onwards started to develop his interests in incubation as well and together we teamed up to explore new research areas for the hatchery industry.

Objectives To find a proof of concept of creating visualisation software for a marteloscope that may be used as an augmented reality application and to offer an improved learning experience. Next to breeder farms and broiler farms, "Het Spelderholt", was equiped with a small semi-practical Petersime hatchery with 4 identical 8.

The hatchery was abandoned how unfortunate Recent technologies to gather data ground based Lidarto present data 3D visualisationto model data dynamic models to simulate growthmay provide a powerful extension to the evaluation software, especially when these can be accessed through web services.

This kick-started a new area of practical incubation research, based on the control of eggshell temperature and embryo temperature.

MSc thesis subject: Forest Management Marteloscope as augmented reality

Nothing digital, so the temperatures were recorded on paper and I typed them over in the computerGeo-information Science and Remote Sensing (GRS) [email protected] Bodenr.: Bezoekadres. Droevendaalsesteeg 3 Gaia Gebouw PB Wageningen. Correspondentieadres. PO Box 47 AA Wageningen.

Thesis at Wageningen University

Contact person(s) education MSc Thesis Geo-information Science and Remote Sensing: GRS MSc Thesis Geo-information Science and Remote. Thesis subject MSc thesis subject: Forest Management Marteloscope as augmented reality A marteloscope (from the French term martelage = marking trees for cutting) is a multimedia approach to study forest stand management impacts.

Thesis code number: GRS Wageningen University and Research Centre Laboratory of Geo-Information Science and Remote Sensing Thesis Report: GIRS - iv - - v - Preface This thesis is partly resulting from a decision I made at the start of my Biology Master at Wageningen University.

GRS - MSc Thesis Geo-information Science and Remote Sensing GRS - MSc Thesis Geo-information Science and Remote Sensing GRS - MSc Thesis. The thesis research is conducted under supervision of a staff member of the GIRS group, but might also take place in another institute or company.

Students have to follow the GRS thesis procedure. Complete guidelines for doing a thesis Geo-information Science are available. Graduate Research School Contacts.

Thesis - Geo-information Science and Remote Sensing

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Grs thesis wur
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