Google in china the big disconnect case 2 answer

That apparently crossed the line. For Web sites that originate anywhere else in the world, the government has another impressively effective mechanism of control: It was more than just talk; Zhao had now called for a political action.

Without your Lech Walesa s, you never get democracy.

Google in China Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Over the next three months, she sold more and more clothes, until one one day, she realized that her eBay profits were outstripping her weekly paycheck. His blog had been killed because of a single post. Google was ultimately left with two choices regarding operations in China — either censor the results in-house, or let the Chinese government censor the results.

On the contrary, the party is quite matter-of-fact about it--proud, even. Yahoo came last, and Zhao had nothing but venom for the company.

At the Congressional hearings where the three companies testified--along with Cisco, a maker of hardware used in the Great Firewall-- legislators assailed all the firms, but ripped into Google with particular fire.

The Great Firewall tends to slow down all traffic coming into the country from the world outside. Zhao knew he was safe, he told me, because he knew where to draw the line.

He said he thought it would be years before Google would make much, if any, profit in China. Zhao was still as energetic as ever, though he also seemed a bit rueful over his exuberant comments in our last conversation. The Chinese system relies on a classic psychological truth: For Google, these delays and shutdowns were a real problem, because search engines like to boast about delivering results in milliseconds.

Yahoo was the first major American Internet company to enter the market, introducing a Chinese-language version of its site in and opening up an office in Beijing in The request travels over one of the Chinese pipelines until it hits the routers at the border, where it is then examined.

Censoring the search results in advance allows the search engine to provide faster service. And it raises an interesting question: I think people would say: Back in the Internet cafe, your browser will display an error message.

One day, a banned site might temporarily be visible, if the routers are overloaded--or if the government suddenly decides to tolerate it. A country either fully embraces these principles, or it disappears down the slippery slope of totalitarianism. Last year, a list circulated online purporting to be a blacklist of words the government gives to Chinese blogging firms, including "democracy" and "human rights.

Therefore, the country makes a strong effort to eliminate any web content that speaks negatively about the government or its policies.

Dealing with censorship requirements will create additional operating costs when compared to domestic operations. Roles of the Host Government The role of the Chinese government in regulating Internet activity is far more elaborate when compared to the United States.1. Why did Google issue the statement of January 12?

Answer: Google issued the statement of January 12 as it no longer wanted to continue the censorship with China and would like to exit China. The Chinese Government decided to control the flow of information on internet.

Google in China: The big disconnect

What is freedom, just now, to the Chinese? Are there gradations of censorship, better and worse ways to limit information? In America, that seems like an intolerable question--the end of the conversation. But in China, as Google has discovered, it is just the beginning.

Google was not, in fact, a pioneer in China. Google in China Case Analysis 2: Google in China Strategic Issues and Problems: Four years of struggle with Chinese government about censorship led Google to redirect its operations to Hong Kong in The reason behind this move was to get over the harsh regulations of Chinese government.

Google In China - Case Study 1.

Google In China – Case Study Analysis

in China Presented by: Maria Gizelle Aragon Date: March 21, 2. When the head of operations for Google in China gave a lecture at one Chinese university, thousands attended and scalpers sold tickets. Despite strict government controls, the internet and search engines foster learning and a free exchange of ideas – including even China’s long-neglected rural population.

Case Study Google in China Toya Carter MGT/ December 17, Edward Miller Google in China Describe the legal, cultural, and ethical challenges that confront the global business presented in your selected case study. Determine the various roles that host governments played in this particular global business operation.

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Google in china the big disconnect case 2 answer
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