Essays on illiteracy in pakistan

Another important factor is that people are attached with these ancestral profession for a long period of life and a son is expected to follow the same Essays on illiteracy in pakistan activities which his father is doing. Thus, it is really hard for the plant of democracy to grow properly in presence of social diseases of poverty and illiteracy.

Again these people are unemployed in urban areas facing problems of residence and employment. Illiteracy hampers social change because illiterates do not like social change.

We have also to make our people aware of the importance of education. Low development of resources: In addition to foreign meddling, the fact that the political culture in Pakistan is imbued with degenerated political norms has also exacerbated the scenario with respect to growth of democracy in the country.

A healthier nation will be more positive and progressive in earning their live hoods. Social relations with urban life is very important factor for bringing about change in their attitude and actions. Access to basic education is the right of every individual. Change of mind is the change of general social life.

The country borders Afghanistan, Iran, India and China. Illiteracy rate is higher among women than men.

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Illiteracy is the problem when the people are unable to under stand new policies in agriculture which give poor yield per acre. This work can be done by Other educated young men of the rural area on voluntary basis. Ignorance is one of the important aspect of poverty.

Essays on illiteracy in pakistan

Higher Education Commission Pakistan is ranked amongst the lowest in the world in higher education enrollment rates at 2. The NEAS is one of the key programs of the Ministry meant to improve the quality of education at elementary level, with the objective to measure learning achievements of grade 4 and 5 students, to develop capacity in educational assessment related activities, to institutionalization of sustainable monitoring system and information dissemination.

While referring to the post-independence history of the country, it is possible to state that it is mainly characterized by the political and military instability, and by the set of conflicts with India.

The columnists, writers, etc. Illiteracy minimizes social relations in society which leads to less development of resources. They start realizing there is nothing for them in the national income.

The last four years have witnessed 14 percentage points increase in the gross primary enrollment which is more then 3 percentage point per annum increase on average.

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Again, in order to improve the poor condition of the illiterate people, government has to spend a huge some of money on different programmes. In the constitution we made primary education compulsory and free. This enables an individual to visualize his position in a society he lives and the world society as a whole.

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The Supreme Court is often seen taking suo motu notice of different issues arising due to the negligence of the government. Literacy, over the centuries, has become the lever of human progress and the leveler of social and economic conditions.

In the humanities group, three out of 24 elective subjects, including advanced level Pakistan studies and Islamic studies etc, will be offered in addition to the compulsory subjects. An illiterate person is given less prestige while sitting with other people.

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They know how to make a home or shelter for themselves and how to keep themselves alive instinctively. Moreover, you will see here the English vocabulary tests with challenges, paragraph topics, useful Idioms and tenses exercises.ESSAY ON ILLITERACY IN PAKISTAN ―Are those equal, those who know and those who don‘t know.‖ 1.

INTRODUCTION: It is now a universally recognized fact that mass education is a pre-requisite for the development and prosperity of a country.

Pakistan (the Islamic Republic of Pakistan) is the sovereign country located in South Asia. Its population exceeds million people; that is why it is considered to be the sixth country in.

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We custom make the papers according to the order. "Illiteracy In Pakistan" Essays and Research Papers Illiteracy In Pakistan Illiteracy in Honduras Guillermo A. Reyes Shadai School Abstract Illiteracy in Honduras is a topic of which all Hondurans Have notice since last year’s what is Illiteracy?

Illiteracy in Honduras Guillermo A. Reyes Shadai School Abstract Illiteracy in Honduras is a topic of which all Hondurans Have notice since last year’s what is Illiteracy? Is the inability of knowing how to read and write mainly due to the teaching or practice enough.

ILLITERACY & ITS EFFECTS essays Education and literacy is an important part of building an economically and socially stable global environment. Event in the recent past further emphasize the absolute importance of universal basic education of good quality as an essential, if not sufficient, co.

Essays on illiteracy in pakistan
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