Effects of well designed compensation plan essay

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Employment Hence, designing and managing a fair, competitive pay structure without endangering the financial standing of the firm is very important. The first component is salary.

Compensation Plan

Team A used Salary. They need benefits and compensation. The fourth component is the long-term incentive plans such as stock-based plans giving the supervisory-level employees up to managerial-level employees, opportunity to participate at stock options.

Human Resources are one of the most diverse and difficult to control. Once they access the market data, they set their wages and salaries at some point above, below, or equal to the market data depending on the circumstances. Executives and professional employees should be entitled to the salaries and benefits.

Expatriate employees are those who are residents of other country whom a company in another country hires as its employee. The performance-based compensation plan offers the Effects of well designed compensation plan essay of motivating the employees work with the company towards the accomplishment of corporate goals and objectives.

Landslide Limousine Service must maintain their employees and hold their skill personnel. The sixth component is the non-monetary benefits given to all employees which include health care and vacation leaves. If they are able to sell more, they will be entitled to additional compensation.

In addition, the service area manager role is a new position within the store organization structure and will move a group of leaders from hourly compensation to a fixed salary compensation structure more weighted in bonus than the prior pay structure.

Compensation and Benefits Plan

Several recommendations should be made for Landslide Limousine Service in its benefits and compensation packages it offers. It will improve corporate image of Wal-Mart by showing to the world that Wal-Mart also cares for its employees.

The idea is that by not merely complying with existing labor laws but by giving to the employees what they deserve, Wal-Mart can get the most from their existing employees.

This is one reason companies offer benefits packages and some type of compensation to its employees. Additionally, firms must pay and promote employees for productivity only; high performing employees must receive rewards and recognition. If this suit progresses, Wal-Mart may later on be forced to settle this suit and pay these employees millions of dollars in damages.

In addition, unfair business practice may expose the company to some potential legal issues. This makes it hard to maintain a stable workforce. On the premise that Wal-Mart employees are more productive and well-rounded compared to other companies, it would therefore be an injustice to deny this to them.

The website also provides a benefits calculator and a cost of living wizard to use to get a closer look at similar benefits offered by organizations in various locations.

The objective of this paper is to propose a fair, competitive compensation and benefits package that meet the demands of an employee and the needs of the organization he or she works for. Despite having ruled the retail industry for years, it still continues to grow and dominate that industry.

compensation plan

For several decades, China has been known as a haven for companies that engaged in underpayment of ages, forced labor and other abuses against their employees. What makes Wal-Mart different from other companies is that through the years, it has managed to control the wages and benefits of its employees.

The members of the Compensation Committee in charge of the compensation plan should be composed of three members who all occupy at least managerial positions within the company. It is one of the biggest corporations in the world today.

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. In the case of sales employees who are not considered employees of Wal-Mart they shall only be entitled to commission.

By contrast, a well thought out performance-based bonus plan can be tied directly to the results the company sees as valuable. One mistake employers often make is setting performance targets too low.

What are the benefits of a good Performance Management System ?

The information provided by Salary. The Employee Compensation Plan that I aim to design seeks to do away with the company mindset of sacrificing the employees for the sake of company profits.

Based on the job description and job specification for service area manager, Team A proposed a compensation system that offers a market-based pay, bonuses, and fringe benefits.

Expatriate employees are hired primarily because of the peculiar skills and experience that they bring to the company which the other local-based employees do not have. Usually, when workers know that they are not paid equally for doing the same job, resentment and conflict may occur, which may result in decreased employee morale, which can ultimately affect employee performance and productivity.

All size businesses need packages to be able to pat their employees and offer some type of benefits to its employees to be competitive in the business world. These types of plans are designed to reward employees who produce.

Compensation and Benefits Strategies Essay Sample

In other words, both employers and employees together with their families win when pay and incentive policies are well-thought-out.A good Performance Management Systems improves the performance of the company as employees are motivated, their work is aligned with company goals and there are fewer issues thanks to on-going feedback from the manager.

The Effects of a Well-Designed Compensation and Benefits Plan on Employee Behavior Compensation can be defined as “all forms of financial returns and tangible services and benefits employees receive as part of an employment relationship” whether directly (compensation) or indirectly (benefits) (Katz, ).

Discuss the importance of a well-developed compensation plan in attracting and retaining good employees and how to keep those plans from "working too well." In most cases, economic agents respond to incentives, and incentives are used at different scales.

Compensation and Benefits Strategies Essay Sample In today’s world of business, most organization must have a compensation and benefits strategies.

All organizations must follow these strategies in order to be successful in a small, medium, or large business.

- Detrimental Effects of Extended Unemployment Compensation Most every individual, family, and even the nation as a whole experience lean times and periods of great prosperity.

During seasons when the economy is not doing well, unemployment rises, causing individuals and families to face unplanned financial hardship.

A rigorous review of compensation and all its components Compensation is what is paid to an employee, whether in the form of wages, salary or incentives by the employer for a specific amount of time, skill and effort made available by the employee in fulfilling specific job requirements (Biesheuval, ).

Effects of well designed compensation plan essay
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