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Therefore, it is possible to suggest some easy games that will not overload children with the unessecary pieces of information, but, still, will develop their communicative and learning skills.

Both the infants and toddlers should be provided with the knowledge that fits their age category, physical and mental abilities. Another crucial thing we would like to emphasize concerns the necessity of knowing the learning styles of different children present within a single team or group.

The ability to remain flexible and deeply concentrated on everything that happens inside the classroom is one of the greatest benefits and features of a qualified and professional educator. Our goal is to provide the children with the precious opportunity to develop their unique skills and talents by presenting them something new on a daily basis.

The organized working process also includes the active moments of communication and non-verbal cooperation between the children and teacher. Learn More About the Profit of this Scheme Here is one of the CDA professional philosophy statement examples for early childhood education that will help you get a better insight of the way such academic papers should be done: For this, it is crucial to establish the friendly atmosphere inside the class and show children that you appreciate their work during the class.

Last but not least, we possess a strong belief according to which the main aim of education is to make the individuals skillful, creative thinkers and able to come up with the informed and objective decisions. Being an early childhood educator, we are convinced that every single child should be highly respected and treated with the corresponding appreciation in whatever situation.

It is wrong to expect children to be accomplished to some higher or lower point. In fact, we believe that small children will learn more productively only if the teacher comes up with making the learning process become a certain form of play in their eyes.

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. We do also believe that a successful educator should always be able to imply his or her imagination into the process of teamwork between a teacher and a parent, making a positive deal out of the tiniest details of this productive cooperation.

In such situation, the teacher would be able to differentiate between a child who can use a word correctly and a child who finds it difficult to pronounce even few sounds correctly.

We want the children to become intelligent and smart individuals, and a lot of things depends on the way we will teach them right now, while they are still small and unconscious of various problems life will bring to them.

When writing the professional philosophy statement for CDA in whatever discipline, it is essential to take into account several crucial factors, such as the goal you want to pursue in the working process, as well as the methodologies you would like to focus on.

However, it also presupposed the active work between children and their parents and, hence, we should manage to talk to parents and clarify them the learning strategies and way they can contribute to the learning process and overall development of their children.

This guideline will provide you with the sample of a CDA professional philosophy statement for early childhood education so that you could see the sample of structure and content required for this academic assignment. The next crucial goal we would like to pursue in our work concerns the necessity of providing the kids with a safe, nurturing and children-centered learning environment where every single child could feel both comfortable and respected.

Our philosophy of early childhood education is based on the premises of building a strong rapport with children and their parents, creating the friendly and positive working atmosphere in the classroom. In addition to this, it is essential to help children become friends with their classmates in order to work together more cooperatively.

First and foremost, a teacher should understand the needs, wishes, likes, and dislikes of the children, and observe the strengths and the week points of each child separately.

The teacher should motivate children to learn something new and revise the already achieved scope of knowledge every day.Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Get Started. Cda Professional Portfolio Template. January 5, by Vita. Previous Post Next Post. 21 Design Of Cda Professional Portfolio Template.

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Please note that refunds are only granted when a course is cancelled by The TJac Educational Consulting Group. If you do not complete a session within the. Competency Goal II - To advance physical and intellectual (15k) Christine Buttaro.

CDA Professional Portfolio  My ECE and CDA Professional Portfolio In this class, you will compile a professional portfolio demonstrating your knowledge and skills in the area of early childhood education.

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Earning Your CDA ProSolutions Preparation of the Professional Portfolio – a collection of resources. Reflective Statements of Competence – using, at key points, the resources you collected. Professional Philosophy Statement – a summary of your viewpoint; takes into account learning that occurred when preparing the Professional Portfolio.

Cda professional portfolio
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