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We will ask the author to write a letter, or complete a form letter, stating that he or she gives Brandeis University permission to make a copy of his or her thesis for research purposes only.

Students with a grade point average 3.

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Twitter-ScienceGeek Undergraduate Publications One of the most valuable aspects of a Brandeis education is the opportunity to carry out cutting-edge research in collaboration with faculty, graduate students and postdocs.

Undergraduate Publications from Previous Years. Psychology courses listed in the 90s are not included in the computation. Students should allow at least one month before the thesis due date for data analysis and thesis writing.

Directed evolution of an influenza reporter virus to restore replication and virulence and enhance non-invasive bioluminescence imaging in mice. Like all items in the Archives, senior theses do not circulate and cannot be borrowed by other libraries. Additionally the student will need to obtain a second psychology faculty member as a second reader and one expert reader from outside the department who must have at least a doctorate or MDa total of three, who will serve on the final evaluation committee.

Disruption of dorsal hippocampal — prefrontal interactions using chemogenetic inactivation impairs spatial learning. Why Write a Senior Thesis? In this way, students can begin their literature reviews in the summer and start work on the project early in the senior year.

Microtubules soften due to cross-sectional flattening. For anyone interested in interning at the Israel Center for the Treatment of Psychotrauma, I commend you for your decision to volunteer, and think you will have a blast.

This experience can be richly rewarding: This means that data collection should be completed as early as possible in the spring semester. Students who wish to participate in the Greater Boston Research Conference must submit brief reports of their research by March It is wise to find a potential primary advisor by the end of the sophomore year and identify a topic by the end of the junior year.

To facilitate this process, the University Archives has created a release form for all thesis authors to complete and sign, granting others permission to reproduce their work for research purposes.

Most students who successfully complete honors in psychology report that this process was the most valuable part of their academic training at Brandeis. With the goal of eventually working toward my Ph.

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I was also given the opportunity to help out with a study on designing an intervention for building resilience for at-risk youth, the latter being one of the populations I eventually want to focus on as a psychologist.

Both members of the committee must approve the project as a viable honors study before data collection can proceed. In carrying out an honors project, a student has a chance to make good use of a great many skills acquired in classrooms, laboratories and libraries.

With the help of your advisor, you will learn how to structure a large piece of writing and, in the process of writing, Brandeis honors thesis an opportunity to refine your style and to internalize the conventions and mechanics of academic prose.

Pudendal nerve terminal motor latency testing does not provide useful information in guiding therapy for fecal incontinence. Forms are available online at the Office of Sponsored Programs, including a link to the appropriate Citi training document.

The proposal includes journal-style introduction and methods sections. Travel and Funding Candidates who need to travel in order to conduct their research should investigate funding options as soon as possible. If the author sends us the permission letter allowing us to copy the thesis, the requesting patron must complete and return a form to the University Archives stating the intended use of the copy.

Doing so increases the time that can be devoted to writing during the academic year and makes the whole process less stressful and more rewarding.

Then contact one of the psychologists, someone in public affairs, or send them an e-mail. On rare occasions, a primary advisor outside the Psychology Department is approved; however, a psychology professor must be willing to chair the honors committee.

J Am Chem Soc.Kristine's thesis project explored the biophysical constraints on the evolution of bacteriorhodopsin and the implications for convergence of the GPCR protein fold in rhodopsins from bacteria, arachaea, and eumetazoans.

and he was a graduate student in the Biochemistry program here at Brandeis. highest honors. Adam is now spending the. Brandeis University is a liberal arts college with a strong research focus. often culminating with the publication of a Senior Honors Thesis.

An undergraduate’s research can result in being included as an author on a peer-reviewed article. Senior Honors Thesis Writers! If you need library materials that Brandeis does not have, Interlibrary Loan (or Resource Sharing) can help!

Start your research early!

Brandeis University Senior Honors Theses

The senior honors thesis is the capstone experience of the honors program within an academic department or program. It is a two-semester sequence during which students work, under the supervision of an advisor, on a substantial piece of original research and writing.

Theses and Dissertations. Copies cost 20 cents per page for members of the Brandeis community and Boston Library Consortium institutions, and 25 cents per page for other patrons.

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A senior honors thesis may be photocopied in full if the University Archives has the author's written permission to do so. To facilitate this process, the. The work I have done at the Israel Center for the Treatment of Psychotrauma this summer will fuel the rest of my time at Brandeis.

Specifically, it will put me in .

Brandeis honors thesis
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